Because Summer Hockey Rules!

League Game Rules — Summer 2018

  • All games will consist of two (2), twenty-five (25) minute halves, with resurfacing after the first half.
  • Each team plays (6) six league games and (1) one playoff game, with a potential 7th championship game for the league title.
  • All league games will be played four-versus-four under National Hockey League (NHL) Rules. This means 2-minute penalties, 4-minute double minors (including high-sticking that draws blood), and 5-minute major (including fighting). One fight is a 5-minute major, 2 fights for the same player is an ejection.
  • Overtime (OT) will be one (1), five (5) minute period played three-versus-three.
  • If there is a tie following overtime, a three (3) player shootout will follow to determine the winner.
  • All playoff games will be played five-versus-five with same overtime (OT) rules as stated above.
  • All games will be played at MB Ice arena – Chicago Blackhawks Community Rink.

League Roster Guidelines — Summer 2018

  • Each team is allowed two (2) players born in 2000 on the roster per game.
  • No 2001 or later birth years in the League. NTDP Players with 2001 birth years are exempt from this rule.
  • Call-ups can only be made from TEAMS pro development league team.
  • Any player not in college and born before 2000 must be committed to a division 1 college to be eligible to play in the League.
  • Failure to abide by these roster rules will result in the loss of 1/2 point in the standings. 

Development League Game Rules — Summer 2018

  • Two (2) twenty-five minute halves.
  • All games will be played by NHL rules (same as League and as stated above).
  • Ice cut after first half.
  • NO FIGHTING IN THE DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE. Fighting will result in suspension for the remaining games of the league season.
  • NO HALF SHIELDS allowed.

Development League Roster Guidelines — Summer 2018

  • Each team is allowed two (2) players born in 2003 on the roster and dressed per game.
  • Goalies will NOT count toward the 03 rule.  

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