2019 Top Players

Top 10

Last NameFirst Name#POSTeam Sort ascending GPGAPTSPIM
De St. PhalleMatt88FChem Station / Delaney12020
GilbertDennis10DChem Station / Delaney00000
MerschMichael49FChem Station / Delaney24370
WildeBode22DChem Station / Delaney00000
CoskeyCole74FChem Station / Delaney12130
KeaneJoey4DChem Station / Delaney11340
ValleauNolan23DChem Station / Delaney00000
DubinskyZach12FChem Station / Delaney00000
GravinaNick20FChem Station / Delaney44480
DzingelRyan18FChem Station / Delaney00000

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